Multiply Your Money Per Square Area

MyCube is an ideal investment that may provide you with year-round rental income. The development
is professionally managed to provide quality living while preserving your investment’s value. Each square area, designed with innovative space planning, delivers beautiful and functional units that are cost effective, cost efficient and high-profit centers.

MyCube is optimally developed to yield strong investment profit and is designed to provide learning and living environment through units that are specifically catered to students, professionals and start up families.

MyCube is quality built by Whiteport, Inc., a member of the DDT Group of Comapanies and a reputable Triple ‘A’ construction firm.

From the quality heritage of DDT Konstract, Inc., DataLand Residentials empowers families and professionals to fulfill their aspiration of owning their first home,
or even their first investment. At DataLand Residentials, your dreams come first.


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