Discover the Key Advantages of Office Floors for Sale at The Olive Place

Are you on the lookout for prime office spaces in the bustling city of Mandaluyong, conveniently located near the Ortigas Center?

Look no further than The Olive Place! This mixed-use development offers a unique opportunity to own office floors at an advantageous price, making it an attractive investment for businesses seeking a strategic and accessible location. Let’s explore the key advantages of acquiring office floors for sale at The Olive Place:

1. Strategic Location:

Situated at the heart of the city, The Olive Place enjoys a strategic location that provides easy access to major business districts in Metro Manila. Within a 15-minute commute, you can reach prominent Central Business Districts (CBDs) such as Pasig City, Bonifacio Global City (BGC), Makati City, and Quezon City. The newly built Rockwell Bridge and well-connected inner roads ensure smooth accessibility, saving time for employees and clients alike.

2. Versatile Mixed-Use Development:

The Olive Place stands tall as a two-tower mixed-use development, incorporating offices on the 10th to 15th floors, retail spaces on the Ground and Second Floor, and residential floors from the 18th to the 51st floor. This dynamic blend of uses creates a vibrant environment, fostering opportunities for collaboration, networking, and business growth.

3. Spacious Office Floors:

The office floors available for sale at The Olive Place offer substantial space for businesses of various sizes and industries. With floor areas ranging from 1,976.71 sqm to 2,413.07 sqm on the 10th, 11th, and 15th floors, your business can operate seamlessly with ample room for expansion, customization, and organizational flexibility.

4. Attractive Pricing and Payment Terms:

One of the most compelling advantages of The Olive Place is its competitive pricing, making office ownership attainable for a wide range of businesses. With prices starting as low as 218k per sqm, this investment presents an excellent opportunity to secure prime office spaces in a sought-after location.

Moreover, the flexible payment terms enhance the appeal of this offering. You can take advantage of a 20% down payment spread over 30 months, making the acquisition process more manageable. Additionally, with a reservation fee of only 150k, you can secure your desired office floor promptly.

5. Thriving Surroundings:

The Olive Place benefits from the vibrant energy of its surroundings. Mandaluyong, a rapidly growing city, boasts a plethora of amenities, entertainment venues, and dining options. Being in close proximity to Ortigas Center, one of Metro Manila’s major business hubs, grants access to a vast array of commercial and leisure establishments, providing convenience and enhancing the overall work-life experience for employees.


Overall, The office floors for sale at The Olive Place present an exceptional investment opportunity for businesses seeking prime office spaces in a strategically located and well-connected area. With its versatile mixed-use development, spacious office layouts, competitive pricing, and convenient payment terms, The Olive Place offers the perfect blend of functionality and accessibility.
Don’t miss out on the chance to establish your business in this thriving location. Take the first step towards securing your future at The Olive Place today! Whether you’re a startup, expanding enterprise, or looking for a profitable investment, The Olive Place has something to offer to all discerning business owners. Embrace the advantages of this remarkable opportunity and witness your business thrive in the heart of Mandaluyong!


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