GOOD NEWS: Estate Tax Amnesty Program is extended until June 14, 2025

How Does The Estate Tax Amnesty Program help Filipinos?

1. It reduced penalties and interest:
• Estate tax amnesty programs often waive or reduce penalties and interest for those who participate, which can lead to significant savings.

2. Avoidance of legal issues:
• If an estate is found to owe taxes after the owner’s death, it can lead to legal issues and disputes among heirs. By participating in an amnesty program, the estate can avoid these potential problems.

3. Simplification of the tax process:
• Estate tax amnesty programs can simplify the tax process by providing a clear path for resolving outstanding tax liabilities with the government.

4. Closure for the family:
• By resolving any outstanding tax issues, the family can achieve closure and move forward without the burden of tax obligations hanging over them.

5. Peace of mind:
• Participating in an estate tax amnesty program can provide peace of mind to the executor of the estate, knowing that all tax obligations have been resolved satisfactorily.